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Trial Moderator Application!
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Joined: 29th Dec 2013
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29th Dec 2013

Name: CreeperKilla369, or Brandon
Age: 18
Country: The United States of 'Murica

Why I want to be a Moderator: So first of all, I love to help people, it was a thing in my teen years. Most of the people I helped became people I knew and hung out with daily. I connected with each and everyone that I help. I want to do that with this server, and with this community! I love to just hear or see the "Ohhhhhhh" as soon as I explain it, it lets me know that I am expanding their mind to understand what they need to know! I mean, I don't expect to get emotional with the people I help, but I do hope to know them, and befriend them. That is truly why I believe that I should become a Moderator!

Why you should make me a Moderator: Remember how I explained earlier about me loving to help people? Well obviously, I think I could put those skills into that future rank! If I get this rank, I plan on using my skills to help each and everyone in the community, with any problem or question they may have! Wether that problem is about Protection Stones, Clans, or even about the currency system in the server, I will be there to assist them in every way. I promise, I will not let you down! That is why I think you should make me a Moderator.


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~The Killer of Creepers

Joined: 27th Dec 2013
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29th Dec 2013

Great Job on your Application. You have my vote!
Forum » Forums » Trial Mod Aplications!
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