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31st Dec 2013

Name: huntersLament (or Cody, if you prefer.)
Age: 20
Country: United States.

Why you want to be a mod: It's never about power, when it comes to being a moderator for a server. It's never about the title, or the fear that it could instill. Being a moderator is about helping newbies and veterans alike, no matter what. I've recently been admiring a few of the current mods and admins, how they help and build and laugh.. It's an inspiration, in my opinion. I came to this server recently, after going through countless others, that seemed too flashy, or too plugin-heavy. This one however, is perfect; it's simple, the plug-ins are neat, eye-catching, addicting, and the overall populace are pretty happy. I want to help this server, I want to support it in any way I can. I really think that by becoming a Trial mod, I'd be a great asset to the team for the soul purpose of my love of helping others, especially when it comes to new players who have no idea what to do on a multiplayer server.

Why should we pick you as a mod: I recently had a few experiences that lead a few of my friends into saying I should try out for Trial Mod. A new player came on the server, nightmare9206, and he was /fresh/. No skin, no items, nothin'. I thought to myself, when this guy came up to me on my clan's protected soil, "Whoa, this guy is like, 100% fresh off the noobytrain." He tells me, this is his first server. Right off the bat, I raced to my chests, and started getting stuff, while explaining the server to the guy. I made him some full iron gear, iron tools, got him some food, and sent him on his way. I hated to see griefers show up to burn down his house, I was hoping to add him into my guild, but, those things happen. I really do think, that by being made a Trial Mod, I could easily get the server plenty of more new players geared up and ready for anything in the survival area, hopefully giving them a chance to grow, and rise up in the ranks.

Thank you guys for your time.

Best regards,


Forum » Forums » Trial Mod Aplications!
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