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My Trial-Mod Application
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Joined: 31st Dec 2013
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1st Jan 2014

Name: TylerMathewson, or Tyler


Country: The United States Of America

Why do you want to be mod: I want to be a mod on Simply MC because I have come to find that this is a server that doesn't give up on a new player. Because of this, I want to reach beyond the normal ranks and go further to make the staff cut. I want to help all of the other players that have come on to this server just you have done to me. The staff that greeted me when I came on were nice, as they gave starter materials and tips on what to do. I want to do this exact same thing if I ended up being a mod. I also want to be a mod in this server to get to know the staff on the server already and to help on projects, big or small. Another reason that I want to be mod on this server is because I have been on the server for a good while (almost 30 hrs) and I think that because of this, I will be able to help more new players on the server.

Why should we pick you as a mod: I think that you should pick me as a mod because I am a very kind natured person who usually is nice to people who don't get on my nerves. If you don't believe this from me, you can ask GTFanAJ, Michaelisepic, and Bagel_Fisgh. I also think that you should pick me to be the next mod because I have had much experience on Minecraft. In total, I have played Minecraft for 3 years, so I "know my way around the game". I think that you should pick me to be the next mod because I have had experience being a mod before. I have been mod on a server before this for 2 weeks before it got shut down. Another reason why you should pick me to be trial mod is because I work well with other people. I can usually get something accomplished in quick time whn I am working with people, and I know a good amount of the trial-mods and one mod in real life.

Thank you for looking at my app!

Best regards,
Joined: 27th Dec 2013
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1st Jan 2014

You have my vote! Hope you make it!
Forum » Forums » Trial Mod Aplications!
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