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Staff Handbook v1
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19th Jan 2014


Hopefully You are Reading this document because you have been selected for a staff position on Simply Mc.
This should be considered the Employee manual, and will be added to as needed.
Refer to this document often, and do your best to follow the rules outlined here.

The Title, Power, and everything else:

Simply Mc strives to keep the staff very elite, and very "above" the players, we do this for 2 main reasons.
1. We want the staff to feel in control, staff is a pristine rank, you've earned it.
2. Players will respect staff members they believe have more power and control than they do.

The job of Simply Mc staff, no matter what rank they are, is to keep the players happy.
It is VERY important that you understand that we are not talking about individual player, but the player base at large.
Also, i do not mean to say we don't care about individual players, just that the player base is the most important
aspect of any server, and wee need to keep ours generally happy.

with the goal of keeping players happy, here are a few rules/suggestions.

Keep all argumentative, or otherwise 'not fun' chat, to private channels. You can /msg and /reply and use party chat.
There is no reason to see the staff fighting with players in chat. This is one of the fastest ways to lose your staff rank.
This is not limited to staff vs player fights.

Keep an objective viewpoint. People have feelings, and thoughts, and opinions, Staff must to the best they can, to ignore
all of that, and just look at the facts.  Making decisions based on anger, is another good way to lose your staff rank.

When dealing with people who just rub you the wrong way, the best course of action is "/ignore" There is no faster way to
put out the fire, then ignoring them. We are a growing server, and assholes exist in the world. You will need to get over it.

Important note: Im not saying you should be nice to everyone, just that once again, decisions made based on feelings are a bad idea.

What you can do with your rank

There are a few different staff ranks, and 90% of the time, people who we are checking out for staff ranks, will be given the  title
"TrialMod." A Tmod, is not a st.aff position, and should be considered to be a test. There is not a set amount of time, that players
will hold the Tmod rank.

After Tmods, We have Mods and Admins. These ranks will be handled on an individual basis. By either an Owner, or HeadAdmin.
Mod and Admins both have a basic command set, and more commands may be added/removed by owners/HeadAdmins at any time.

We do not stick to a traditional vertical rank system. Meaning, We do not consider Admins, to be higher than Mods.
They all have slightly different jobs, and yes, admins DO have more power, but they are not "above" mods.

Or resigning:
If you no longer wish to hold your staff position for any reason, feel free to "resign"
you will be given the rank "Trusted" and always considered for future staff positions.
Just speak to an Owner/HeadAdmin.

If you decide to resign, either by breaking the rules, or being a terrible staff member, Owners/HeadAdmins
may remove your rank at any time, and may reset you back to NewPlayer, depending on the severity.

If you have any other questions, please see an Owner/HeadAdmin.

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Join us: Simply-mc.com

Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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